Sunday, 14 January 2018

10 Beautiful stunning and simple engagement rings for women

The ring is a circle of beginning to end and therefore a symbol of infinity. Ring in the hand is considered to enhance the beauty of the hand. Ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left the hand especially for women. There are many types of armlets or arm rings, rings earrings, bracelets for the wrist, toe rings and neck rings, but except perhaps for toe rings, the plain term "ring" is not normally used to refer to these. 

Finger rings can be made in much different material are plastic, wood, metal, stone, glass, bone and gemstone. Read the Full article and get the inspiration!

10 Most Beautiful Engagement rings for women 2018

1) Sweetheart Ring:- 

 2) Oval engagement rings:

3) Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

4) Dazzling Floral Diamond Ring

5) Morganite Engagement Rings

Browse our collection of captivating morganite engagement rings ranging in style from antique inspired to modern.

6) Princess Cut Engagement Rings

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7) Round Engagement Rings
source: bluenile
8) Twist Engagement Ring
source: bluenile
9) Blue Diamond Engagement Rings
source: jewelrypoint

10) Platinum engagement ring
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Short hairstyles 2018

Hello Friends, Today we are going to learn about hairstyle. Hers is a good form of women, and they are well-known for women. In order to make the hair look good, it means the hairstyles. It falls in many ways like short, medium, long, curly, bob haircut so many. Short Haircut is good for every woman, as well as the fact that both of them can read both time and money. Due to having short hair styles you can take your hair behind the ear and more women will look beautiful. 

Due to having short hair styles you can take your hair behind the ear and more women will look beautiful. Short Bob Haircuts for Spring and Summer 2018-2019 In fact, short bob haircuts on girls look like much more winning and stylish than just loose hair up to the shoulders.